Top Tips for Rebuilding a Lawnmower
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If you are lucky enough to have bought a home with a garden with the support and assistance of businesses like Conveyancing Bromley based Sam Conveyancing or rent and have free reign to maintain the garden, chances are you’ll jump at the chance.

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However what if you are blessed to have a larger than normal garden and the lawnmower breaks down?  Having the skills to repair a previously functioning lawnmower is a great way to bring a once-loved garden tool back into service, and certainly beats replacing it. If the lawnmower has been reclaimed or salvaged, the repair job may turn out to be more of a rebuilding.

It is a mark of our climate and ecologically minded times that more people are turning back to the old rule of ‘make do and mend’ that was coined during the Second World War, but this is stretching far beyond clothes to almost all areas of our lives. The EU’s plans to ensure white goods manufacturers allow their appliances to be repaired by consumers rather than sending them back to be repaired is testament to this.

Let’s look at some top ideas for renovating that old lawnmower.

Disassemble First

Taking apart the lawnmower engine is not as difficult as you may think. The most complicated element of this is remembering which part belongs. Ensure you have drained the oil from the engine – then take it apart, cleaning each part with soapy water. Check each part for wear as it is taken out, so you know what will need to be replaced.

Spares and Replacements

Now that the engine has been taken apart, it is time to get shopping. Replace the faulty or missing parts with the best parts you can afford. This will prolong the life of the engine further. Buying from a dedicated supplier for your manufacturer gives you confidence the parts will fit your lawnmower.

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Seal Your Cylinders

Ensure that your cylinders are standard size. Any that are larger than standard may need additional boring to take place in order that an oversized cylinder ring can be used.

Gaskets and Air Filters

The gasket should seal the entire engine. A new gasket should be checked to ensure that it is fitted securely. Any leaks will expose the engine and make damage likely when the lawnmower is operating. Air and oil filters should be replaced, as well as your spark plugs. Ensure all spark plugs are fitted securely to make sure the engine works effectively.

Once this is done, it’s time to test your lawnmower and see if it all works.


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