Why not have an alternative wedding?

Are you bored by the thought of a traditional wedding? Whether you want to overhaul the entire day or add a few contemporary twists, there are many ways to make your day unique, memorable, and even quirky. From alternative flowers to unique gift ideas and everything in between, here are some ideas:

  1. Wedding Flowers

The message that you send with your wedding flowers is an important one. The colours and kinds that you choose show a lot about your personality. Speak with a florist and tap into your creative energies. You don’t have to choose real flowers, with fabric, paper, leather or macrame becoming more popular. For details on a Macrame Kit, go to https://www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/macrame-kits

Choose wildflowers if you want to reflect your wild side! Many florists will work with you to include wildflowers, different textures, foliage variations, herbs, and stunning colours.

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  1. Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake should be as unique as the dress, as it will probably get as much attention. Thankfully, some excellent and contemporary bakers and confectioners out there aim to offer something delicious with a twist. Think meringues in all shapes and sizes or cakes made with unusual ingredients and bright decorations. If you can imagine it, there’ll be a cake maker out there who can make that image a reality.

  1. Boutique Wedding Shoes

You might not be quite brave enough to go crazy with the alternative wedding dress, but that doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up when it comes to your feet. Customised shoes covered in jewels or white Dr. Marten boots, there are loads of ideas to inspire your wedding footwear choice. With some online research, you can find boutiques that specialise in unusual colours, materials, finishes, and styles.

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  1. Different Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts don’t hold the same importance as they once did. Traditionally they were given to help a couple start a newly married life. These days, most couples have cohabited for a while before marrying, so they already have most of the appliances and home items they need. This means it’s perfectly acceptable to get creative with gift-giving.

One clever idea is for the couple to choose one big, expensive thing they want and for guests to donate smaller contributions or ‘pieces,’ like building up a puzzle. It’s a great compromise between not knowing what to buy, giving a gift they don’t want, and contributing to something you know the couple desires. It’s also a great leveller for guests, as everyone knows they contribute to the same thing.

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