5 Common Mistakes That Brides-to-Be Make When Wedding Dress Shopping

As a bride, one of the most important and exciting aspects of the wedding planning process is choosing your wedding gown. This is the most special garment you will ever own, and it is a huge decision and investment. When shopping, it is important to have a strategy to make sure the process runs smoothly and to reduce stress. Here are 5 common mistakes that brides-to-be make when the shop for their wedding gown.

  1. Many brides do not budget properly before shopping. Setting an affordable budget and sticking to it is essential when choosing your wedding dress. When you shop, the salesperson will want to know the price range you prefer to stay in regarding gowns he or she will pull for you. If you don’t have a budget in mind, you may end up falling in love with an expensive gown that you cannot realistically pay for or afford. This will end up leaving you disappointed, and unsatisfied. Be sure to find a reasonable budget, and only look at dresses within that range.
  2. Another common mistake is taking too many people shopping for a wedding gown. While you don’t want to leave anyone out, you also don’t want to have too many people. A large group is distracting and overwhelming, plus you will end up with too many mixed opinions. Choose who you brig wisely as “too many chefs spoil the stew”. Make sure the people you bring are honest but also helpful. They should be a select few people who you trust completely and want to share this special occasion with.
  3. Often brides will fall in love with a dress they see before even trying it on. When looking through bridal magazines or on websites for dresses, it is helpful to note styles or designers you prefer, but don’t get too attached until you have the opportunity to actually try the dress on. Models can make any dress look gorgeous, but you want a dress that will flatter your unique figure and shape ideally, so keep an open mind. Instead of being closed off and only looking at certain dresses, have fun and try a little bit of everything. Who knows, you may end up falling in love with a dress you never would have picked out on your own!
  4. Another mistake is that some brides shop too early. While it is fun to try on, you risk falling in love with a gown. If it’s early, you probably aren’t ready to put lots of money down on a dress just yet, especially if your wedding isn’t for a few years. While you should give yourself about 9 months before the wedding to make time for alternations, earlier than that can be unwise if you aren’t financially ready for such a huge purchase.
  5. Finally, in this technology age, there are wedding dresses for sale online. Many of these sites offer huge, steep discounts, but beware! Buying online is never wise. You don’t know what you’re getting or how it will fit! Instead, shop at a reputable bridal store in person such as Allure Bridals so that you can feel confident in your purchase when wedding dress shopping.

Keeping these common mistakes in mind when shopping for your wedding gown can help you to avoid making them yourself for a more enjoyable, pleasant and memorable wedding gown shopping experience. Shop in a physical store, don’t shop too early, keep an open mind about dresses and styles, choose your helpers wisely, and budget ahead of time! These tips will make sure you are the most prepared bride-to-be out there!

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