Original Wedding Gift Ideas Every Couple Would Love to Receive

Do you have a wedding to attend this summer but have no idea what gifts to get for the newlyweds? Fret not! We’ve made a list of the best, original, and practical wedding gift ideas that will certainly not go unnoticed by the couple!

Personalized Cheese Board

A few years ago, the world went crazy over charcuterie boards, with videos of these delicious platters gaining millions of views on TikTok and other social media. A wooden cheese board that is personalized with the couple’s initials, last name, or wedding day date would make a 100% useful and thoughtful gift that they could use to make their own mini charcuterie board. Whether they decide to use it to decorate the kitchen table, put together snacks for a movie night, or have breakfast in bed, this cheese board is sure to bring them joy for many years to come.

Merino Wool Aran Throw

If your friends not only got married, but also bought their first house together, the upcoming months will be filled with boxes and moving vans, and it is safe to assume that decorating won’t exactly be their first priority. However, by getting the newlyweds a merino wool Aran throw, you will ensure that they stay warm and cozy no matter the situation. This Irish wedding gift idea checks every box: the merino wool is the perfect fabric for those who struggle with having sensitive skin and irritations, and the gorgeous knit design makes it the perfect piece for decorating the new house. Such a throw can be used as an additional warm layer in the bedroom but it can also make an excellent decoration for the living room, transforming it into a welcoming and relaxing space to unwind and destress.

Digital Camera

We all love taking photos, especially on such an important time as the wedding day, and although the newlyweds have certainly hired a professional photographer that will take amazing photos, nothing beats the nostalgia of the photos that a digital camera takes. By getting your friends such a gift on their wedding day, they will make tons of photos that will capture the true beauty and raw emotions of that special time and will have something to remember for their whole married life.

Ring Container

Wearing your wedding band after officially getting together with the love of your life is a dream yet many people still have to take it off during the day because of work or household duties. This is when your wedding gift will come in handy – a ring container. These containers are small enough for your friend to carry them around all day long while also keeping their wedding band safe, so that they will never have to worry about losing or misplacing it. Some containers can even be attached to the keys or bags, and to make the gift more special you can personalize it with a monogram. Plus, ring containers come in many colors, from the classic black perfect for those who need to stick to a dress code to funky neons for those who like to stand out wherever they go.

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