We all love a royal wedding but why?

Most of us tuned into to watch the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry, even if it we wouldn’t admit it in public! Why are these occasions so irresistibly appealing? As a nation, we seem to become enthralled by the goings on, guessing what the bride will be wearing and who’s on the guest list. Here are some of the factors that affect why we all love a royal wedding so much:

  1. Pure Escapism

It’s a similar response to watching reality TV shows. We seek out feel-good optimistic, simple to digest escapism. The news is so awfully depressing that it’s fun to watch an event that focuses on love and hope as a welcome distraction. The royal family really represent the longest running real-life soap opera in British history, which does explain some of our fascination. All weddings symbolise hope and joy, a new life together and optimism. The royal wedding has the draw of a soap opera but with the added benefit of a little class and sophistication.  It is the stuff of fairy tales and allows to lose ourselves from the worries over Brexit and what Trump is going to do next!

  1. Our Cultural DNA

We enjoy a royal occasion because it’s part of who we are. They play a huge part in our national identity. Those who are anti-establishment might not feel the same but for most people, the presence of royalty has been part of our nation’s psyche for centuries and all we’ve known since we were born. It is completely embedded in our culture and society – in the history we learn at school and the dress-up play we engage in at nursery school.

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  1. Everyone’s invited

Ok, so you might not actually receive a physical invitation, but we can all tune in because it’s a national event of huge proportions and a national party for everyone to enjoy. They differ from celebrity weddings, which are normally extremely private affairs. A royal wedding is very much a public affair. Through the medium of television, we all got a front row seat to the biggest wedding on earth at that moment. The pomp and ceremony are unparalleled and even celebs can’t compete with the historic, gilded carriages, military parades, air force flyovers and musicians. So, you might not be able to afford a wedding on a royal scale, but you can still have a stunning affair fit for royalty. You really just have to shop around for the best price for every venue you can find and then tell them your best quote and they will probably mach it.  Make sure however that when you do choose that they have a Property inspection app within the building which they can source from companies like propertyinspect.com  as this will ensure the building is up to scratch and all work being carried out if recorded.

  1. The Princess Diana Effect

She may have died many years ago, but she was greatly loved, and we have watched her legacy grow with her sons. Had she lived, there might not have been the level of warmth and interest in her boys’ lives. The hype surrounding William and Harry is linked to our fond memories of ‘the people’s princess’. For many, the image of those two boys walking behind their mother’s coffin at such a young age has drawn them closer into our hearts.



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