Fun Ideas For Black & White Wedding Themes

While every year there’s a hot color combination trend in the wedding world, many couples choose to go with a timeless and gorgeous color scheme: black and white. There’s something so elegant about this choice. Whether a bride chooses to go with vintage details or a more modern approach, the simplicity in color is always understated and romantic.

A splash of color: For the bride who just can’t give up on having a little color incorporated in her big day, it’s perfectly acceptable to work some into your black and white theme. In fact, when used in small, subtle bursts, it can add to the romantic feel. The easiest place to play with a little color? In your flower choices. Think of how gorgeous a small bouquet of red roses or fuchsia peonies would look up against all black bridesmaid attire. Entirely white flower centerpieces can pop with lightly tinted crystals or the natural color of a grapevine. The trick is to use restraint and keep the main focus on the black and white.

Fun with favors: Yes, black and white weddings may be all about the elegance but favors create an opportunity for couples to be playful. For example, mini classic gumball machines (think black machines and white gumballs) can be a fun choice with a retro feel.

Or, white scented soaps wrapped in vintage-inspired black gift boxes keep your wedding colors covered. Mints that come in tins shaped like black tuxedos and white wedding dresses can also be cute choices to send home with guests.

Décor Decisions: With black and white as the backdrop, there’s an opportunity to add some extra pizzazz to your décor with the help of hanging crystals or dramatic lace patterns. As for flowers, dramatic arrangements of all-white flowers with black branches can make a statement. Simple black table linens can create a nice backdrop for a runner with the couple’s monogram. Black and white photos of the happy couple can be displayed to add a personal touch and maintain the classic color scheme.


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