What to expect when you’re invited to a wedding or christening

Tis the season…of weddings and christenings. If you’ve recently entered the adulthood time of your life, you probably started to get invited to all sorts of life changing events. Whether you have a wedding, a christening or more this summer, we’ve got you. There are some things you should know before attending such events, so we made sure to put together a list of things you need to expect from weddings and christenings. These things can change depending on how close you are to the people who invited you, as that can take some stress off you. Read along and get your outfit ready for some grown up parties. If you don’t know what to wear, take a look at Vogue, to see what’s trending this summer.

Bringing a +1

Usually, when you get invited to weddings, you get to bring your partner with you. So when you confirm your presence, you’ll have to tick a box that says you’ll bring someone with you. If you have a partner, this is perfect, you can have fun together and dance the whole night. But if you’re single, and you’re going to a wedding where you’re not so close to the bride and groom, you should consider taking a friend as a +1. This way you’ll ensure that you’ve got someone to chat to and dance with. If you decide to go by yourself, you don’t need to worry, people are usually very friendly and it’s easy to strike up a conversation about how they met the newly married couple. Same goes for christenings, bring a +1 or socialize and make some new friends.


Probably the main question about these events is related to the gifts you need to bring. When it comes to wedding gifts, you can easily find some home appliances, gadgets or any memory related present. But for christenings, the gift part becomes a little trickier. Do you get something for the baby? For the parents? Both? Well, check out some christening presents online, see what you find and start putting things together. You’ll end up with a present that will be personal and unique. And don’t worry, sticking some money in an envelope always works as a last resort present for these events.


If you’ve never been to a wedding or christening and you’re imagining a big party in a venue, you might be a little off. The structure of these events depend on the couple, but if you’re attending a religious wedding, this one will probably start at the church and then make its way to the venue. Some people have 3 steps, one at the city hall, one at the church and then the venue. Some weddings and christenings also have photoshoots in between some of the stages. So you should read the invitation and make sure you know how much time this event will take, as it is usually a whole day kind of thing.

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