Avoid Best Man Disasters and Blunders with these Key Tips

If your best friend presents you with the responsibility of being a Best Man, then this is truly an honour, and if you’ve known them for a good amount of time, then this could be an emotional and touching moment for the both of you. As a best man, it is up to you to be there for the groom who’s going through many nerves and emotions. You will also have the responsibility of making sure everything on the day goes smoothly – no pressure! There are many common mishaps that could occur on the day, and it’s your job to prevent those. Here are some key tips to avoid best man disasters and blunders.

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The Stag Do 

A Stag Do that consists of embarrassing pub crawls, and cringy costumes might be your thing, but that doesn’t mean it will appeal to the groom; Sit down with him, and write down any ideas of things he may want to do for the bachelor party. There are many different things you can arrange for a Stag Do; if the groom is more active and adventurous, then you might want to go for kayaking, rock climbing, or other active activities. If the groom likes food, then why not arrange a food experience day? It could be that they just want a quiet and simple get together at their local pub. However tempting it might be to embarrass them, make sure not to arrange things that they aren’t comfortable with – it’s important to respect their wishes. If you need some more ideas and inspiration for Stag Do’s, then you will want to check this out.

The Big Day

As the best man, you won’t have too many responsibilities on the day; you will need to be there for the groom if he is feeling nervous, and make sure there are no big disasters. Help the groom with anything he needs such as picking up his suit from the dry cleaners etc. Your main responsibility will be looking after the wedding ring; it is vital that you keep this safe, and make sure it stays with you until the big moment. During the big moment, be there to reassure the groom, and keep him relaxed, and double check the ring is in your pocket!

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 The Best Man Speech

When writing a best man speech, you need to make sure it is balanced with humour, and seriousness and emotion. If you include too much risque humour, then this may not appeal to the older audience; when including humour in your speech, perhaps include stories that are funny and lighthearted, but aren’t too rude. Make sure to talk about the special times between you and the Groom. If you are researching the best tips on public speaking, then why not take a look at different inspirational speakers such as https://www.adventureman.org/conference-speaker/motivational-speaker/, a Conference Speaker who delivers many public speeches that are inspirational.

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