Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Here Are a Few Essential Things to Keep in Mind

Let’s say it: the charms of an outdoor wedding compensate for the level of stress of organizing one. There are not many things you can compare to a gentle breeze over your shoulders while dancing with the one with whom you have just exchanged vows.

However, by the time we reach those moments of pure happiness, there is something you have to keep in mind. First of all, Mother Nature sure knows how to spice things up.

So, to fully enjoy the breeze dance mentioned above, let us first dance with something called Outdoor Wedding Planning.

Here are a few things you must consider. 

Choosing a Good Month

In this case, ‘a good month’ is the one with the lowest chance of rain or crazy wind… or Heaven forbid both.

One way or another, a plan B is a must. Lucky for you, there are options. Rent a venue prepared to deal with anything or go for a tent.

But, keep in mind that those are not camping tents. They cannot be erected during the wedding if it starts raining. If you decide to go for a tent, you can find some excellent solutions right here.


You want your guests to be able to get there, right?

Whether it’s your childhood home backyard or this wedding venue in Houston on a secluded private ranch, make sure it’s accessible to everyone.

If the venue is a bit off the main road, consider a bus. Not very posh, I agree, but your guests will spend some time together in a very relaxed atmosphere before the actual event. Having them connect in such a way might save you some awkward silence later.

Go through the guest list and make sure if someone needs a wheelchair ramp.

The Dance floor

Not much philosophy here, you will need to rent a portable dance floor.

An outdoor wedding without a proper dance floor could mean there is not going to be dancing at all.

As far as the size of the dance floor goes, here is the thing: there will be 40 to 50% of your guests on the dance floor at a time. Each of them needs around 4,5 square feet. It’s time to do some math!

This blog will give you some excellent tips when it comes to music and dance floor.

Hair and Makeup

Follow the setting on this one. You don’t want an extravagant look when everything surrounding you is swaying and pristine. Choose light makeup, the one that will point out your naturalness.

The same goes for your hair. You will need hair products for battling wind and humidity. Let your hairstylist worry about that. However, let it look light and natural. If there is a flower type appearing here and there at the venue, use it. It will add a nice touch.

Details that Count

Consider having a few things your guests could find useful: custom made fans if it gets too hot, small bottles of sunscreen or insect repellent balms or wipes. Those are some little things that can come in handy and are light enough to be carried around.

Here is where you let the DIY part of you have its moment.

It will make your guests feel pampered, and it’s something they can bring home after the party.

If you still don’t know if you are ready to go down that road, consider a few other things no indoor wedding can give you.

Nature itself has already done the decor. You’ll have that perfect sunset light for the wedding photos. The guests with kids will be eternally grateful for not having to beg the children to stop running.


No doubt, an outdoor wedding is a challenge. It requires more work and more planning than an indoor one.

But this also means more freedom.

Still don’t know if you are up to it? Make it about the two of you. Would you like to spend this day outside? Is outdoor where you feel at home? If yes, go for it.

You will have more chances of creating those beautiful wedding moments worth remembering.

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