Bridesmaid fashion: four new trends

Whilst much research and planning go into the bride’s dress and accessories, getting the dresses right for the bridesmaids can require just as much thought. Often bridesmaids will span a wide range of ages, sizes and shapes, which can present challenges.

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In the past bridesmaid dresses were often frumpy, frilly and unflattering and bridesmaids were simply told what they were to wear on the big day. Today, bridesmaids expect to be included in the decision process and want a dress that will flatter as well as be usable in the future. Add to that, matching styles to complement the bride and venue and what seems like a simple task can become overwhelming.

Fortunately today’s trends work for bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes. Whether a formal affair or a more trendy but casual occasion, there are lots of options available that will suit even the most particular bridesmaid. Here we look at four key trends for the current season.

1. Mixing Patterns and Colours

Often bridesmaids are drawn from both the bride and groom’s sides and may represent a complete cross section of ages, sizes and shapes. Drawing your inspiration from the colour theme for your big day, your bridesmaids can wear patterns and colours within a range such as those at that work for both your theme and their personal style to give an overall cohesive look.

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2. Intentional Mismatched Dresses

First appearing a few years ago, this trend has gathered pace and works to satisfy even the most demanding bridesmaid. Draw inspiration from the catwalk trends, and pull together a truly unique but unified look for the day.

3. Stunning Eveningwear

Eveningwear is often overlooked for bridesmaid dresses. This can be a great answer and allows you to expand your search. Simply specify fabric, colour theme and a few key style details and allow your bridesmaids to do the rest. The common thread between the looks will ensure a great complementary look for the photos, whilst catering to individual tastes and allowing for future usage.

4. Go Dots

Again, allowing your bridesmaids to choose styles to suit themselves, this trend brings together the whole look by keeping to the same theme. Whether in the form of a maxi dress, high-necked mini or one-shouldered sheath the polka dots will keep a common thread throughout.

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