Have You Heard Of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation, Scalp Micropigmentation is a cosmetic, non-invasive, easy to administer tattoo ink that produces the same effect of a closely cropped hair style on a thinning head or bald scalp. The process can also be utilised to hide scars resulting from a recent scalp surgery, burns, or severe acne/facial acne. This ink contains DHA or dihydroxyacetone and is usually red in colour. This ink has a longer residence time than other permanent inks because it dries fairly quickly.

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The concept of Scalp Micropigmentation (S.M.P.) has been around for many years but recent advances in technology have increased its popularity among tattoo artists. In the earlier methods of S.M.P., pigment granules were injected into the scalp with tiny needles; however, modern practitioners inject an acrylic-based solution containing dye and pigment granules. The density of the pigment granules is controlled by an infra-red laser device similar to those used in surgical procedures. The resulting product is a highly concentrated, red pigment that when applied to the scalp will create a subtle, frosted appearance of the pigment density over the entire scalp surface. You can have this procedure completed at a Scalp Micropigmentation London company such as His Hair Clinic.

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The success of Scalp Micropigmentation depends upon the competence of the practicing practitioners and the type of techniques they use in applying the pigments. Although there are numerous manufacturers of S.M.P. products available, only a few of the practitioners actually utilize the techniques that produce excellent-looking results. It is important for practitioners to be familiar with the pigmentation methods used in other parts of the scalp and the various applications of various S.M.P. products before experimenting with scalp micropigmentation.


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