Holidays and their impact on the fashion industry

Mediterranean countries are expecting an influx of tourists in the upcoming months. Travellers are being pushed by the colder weather to chase the sun and book holidays in luxurious holiday resorts or picturesque towns in the Mediterranean. Retail stores have also seen an increase in sales of their summer items in both menswear and womenswear departments.

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Mens designer tshirts have also seen steep increases in sales due to their practical and lightweight nature. EJ Menswear is currently offering their customers a large assortment of tshirts and other summer items. Many activities are appealing to tourists and outfit changes are needed for many of them. Some common pastimes on people’s holidays include swimming, hiking, and visiting areas of interests with famous monuments or landmarks. Many hotels are offering guests discounts when multiple rooms are booked, this encourages younger customers to visit as they are more common to travel in larger groups on lads or girls’ holidays. Some groups may decide to choose more adventurous holidays farther abroad. These destinations require long haul flights and more planning. Both holiday options can offer travellers with new experiences and opportunities to socialise with new cultures. Travelling more can be very fulfilling and is often on people’s bucket list. Many people start travelling with friends as young adults, and some may even try solo travel in order to boost their confidence.

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