Some fashion terms explained

Want to bring your A game to fashion discussions or your next shopping trip? Then check out this list of essential fashion terms you need to know:

Bespoke – This term is used everywhere these days but started life as a term just for menswear. It applies to clothing that is custom made, such as a tailored suit, for example. If something is made just for you, it is considered bespoke.

Made-to-Measure – Similar to bespoke but not quite as exclusive or expensive, made to measure is a ready made pattern that is then adjusted to your measurements.

Selvedge Denim – You might think denim is just one fabric but there are actually different grades of denim. These jeans are made differently and are less likely to fray or unravel which gives them a higher price tag. For a range of Superdry Menswear, visit Louis Boyd

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Oxfords – These are often called the most sophisticated of all men’s shoes and what sets them apart is the stitching around the lace holes. They are smart and formal and the ultimate shoes for any discerning gent.

Loafers – Loafers are slip on shoes, suitable for business or pleasure. Most have a buckle across the front but other varieties may have a strap or a tassel.

Chinos – One of the most versatile trousers in the world, chinos are a must for any man’s wardrobe. More formal than jeans but more casual than trousers, chinos were originally for military wear but now come in a variety of colours.

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Parka – This is a long sleeved coat lined with faux fur that also rims the hood. Originally worn by Innuits in Canada, it is the master of all winter coats and a must have for stylish winter wear.

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