Throwback Weddings: The Rise of the Vintage and Retro Romance

Vintage has been the big buzz word around all things wedding and bridal for some years now, and its popularity shows no sign of waning any time soon. It evolves, but such is the demand for vintage dresses and accessories that even the National Wedding Show has introduced a dedicated ‘vintage’ area to meet demand.

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Every wedding magazine has features on vintage, bloggers write about it and photographers can also offer a vintage style to your pictures if you want it. So what exactly is it?

What Does Vintage Mean?

Perhaps one reason that vintage has stayed around for so long is that it seems to mean so many things to different people. Officially, the dictionary definition indicates something of high quality with lasting value, especially from the past, and that allows brides-to-be to quite creative. It might be a colour scheme; it might be wearing a family wedding dress or just English roses and afternoon tea.

Thrifty Brides

Since the global economic crisis, brides wanting to marry in style have often have had to be clever and make their funds go further. This started the trend for upcycling and turning to family heirlooms, which gave a very personal touch to proceedings. It doesn’t necessarily mean rustic any more, and indeed there is a very romantic trend that is giving way to a glamorous take on vintage – think Hollywood movie star. You may want to incorporate some of these items into your hair design and a discussion with a Gloucester Hairdresser  will see you not only having a vintage hairstyle for your big day but feeling like a movie star as well.

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When so much thought goes into a vintage wedding, the couple want their photography to reflect their style more than ever, knowing that their images are going to be striking and very personal. Choosing the photographer carefully will help will deliver exactly the style you want and help your big day run smoothly and leave you with the perfect memento. Discuss your requirements beforehand, and take pictures you’ve seen to illustrate your ideas.

Fine Details

The flowers, the cake and even the bride’s jewellery will add the finishing touches that link everything together.

For more vintage-inspired ideas for your wedding, visit Bridal Guide online.

Don’t forget, though, that you are gathering ideas and inspiration for your wedding, and everything should be tailored to reflect the personalities of you and your partner.

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