What is so Special About Merino Wool?

There are some items that are true classics and never go out of style – a good pair of jeans, this Brown Secrid Wallet from EJ Menswear and a quality pair of winter boots are just a few of these. Another thing that is a constant wardrobe staple is a merino wool sweater. But what is merino wool and what makes it so special?

The sheep that this wool comes from are called merino sheep and are not the same as other sheep, hence the difference in the wool. The wool that is produced by the merino sheep is a fine wool, that makes it soft and high quality. It is perfect for luxury items such as jumpers and scarves.

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Sometimes merino sheep are crossbred with other types of sheep to produce a medium wool, which is less fine than merino but is great for making home furnishings such as warm blankets and cushions.

Because the wool that comes from merino sheep is so highly prized, breeders are always looking for the best of the species to create the best possible quality wools, which now means that some have managed to breed sheep that produce a wool that is finer even than cashmere.

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Merino wool is popular because it is relatively easy to care for, unlike many luxury fabrics it can be washed in the washing machine, as well as having a soft and luxurious feel.

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