Why incorporate a campervan into your wedding?

Planning your big day can be stressful. There are a million and one things to remember, and perhaps a budget that does not seem big enough to fit everything in. If hiring a fancy car to transport you on the day is one of the costs that seems too expensive, you can always look into alternatives. There are many reasons why hiring a campervan may be the perfect option, so let’s take a look at some of them.

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Easily fits your theme

Whatever theme you are going for, a campervan can be decorated to fit perfectly. Add white bows and streamers to make this vintage form of transport even more whimsical, or add flowers that fall in line with your colour scheme.

The best photo prop

It is always nice to take some staged photos of you and your other half to signify your new marriage. Whether you have chosen a country house location or opted for something small and simple, a campervan can make a great photo prop. It also adds a personal touch that reflects your individual style.

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Save money

A campervan is often a much cheaper option than a high-end car, yet it has bags more personality.
Head straight to the honeymoon

When you have a campervan, you don’t have to wait around for transport to your honeymoon destination; instead, you can begin it straight away. Whether you are using it to get you to the airport or taking full advantage and going on a road trip, Campers are the perfect way to get your honeymoon started. You don’t even need to stay in the UK; for example, why not head to one of the most romantic cities in Europe instead?  Once you get home if you have hired it for longer than you need which is a necessity as you don’t want over charges then you will need to keep it safe in your garage.  This is probably a good time to look at getting the Garage Door Repair you have needed for a while through companies including garage doors r us.  They will come and see the problem and let you know exactly what is wrong and how much is needed to fix it.

Less to worry about

If you are using the campervan to travel after the ceremony, you will only have room for the essentials. This may seem to be a disadvantage at first, but do you really need to take four outfits for each day just in case? With less possessions, you will have less to worry about and will be able to make the most of getting out and exploring.

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