The average wedding guest will spend this in a season

Attending the wedding of a loved one is a wonderful thing to do. Being able to share their special day is also very expensive. There are many costs to consider, from gifts, outfits and travel to accommodation. It is estimated that the average person will spend over £1,700 during any season.

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It is worth looking at all potential expenditure to see where you can cut costs.

Here are some ideas to consider:

• When choosing an outfit, look at the venue to gauge what is appropriate. Use the time wisely to check sales and offers to save a little money. Choose an outfit that isn’t in the current season, to ensure you are the only one wearing it. Check online for original outfits.

  • If you are travelling to a specific destination, such as a hotel wedding venue in the Forest of Dean, book as soon as you receive the invitation to save money on transport. Look at sharing costs with others by hiring a car or car sharing. If travelling overseas, try to get a group discount through a travel agent. Consider sharing suitcases as well if luggage is an additional cost. Remember, booking flights in advance saves money.

Ask relatives and family members for a specialist list of gifts that will help you save in the long run.  These are the gifts that hold there value, for example something from a UK Coin dealers location like  These can be sold later life when your really need or be passed on to your children where the value can only grow.

  • If you know you will be attending several weddings over the coming months it is a good idea to buy gifts in bulk and, where possible, in the sales to save some money. With wedding gifts being a major expense, try to use ways of being rewarded for your spending. Try to get cashback where possible, and consider using any points accumulated on a store card to mitigate the costs.

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Ways to save money on accommodation

Many people will have to book accommodation when attending a wedding. Savings can be made here. If you are not attending with a partner, try to share a room with another guest and share the cost. Book your accommodation in advance as well to get the best deals on a room. If the area is too expensive, try widening your search and consider looking for seasonal short-term lets. If there are a group of you travelling, why not hire a house together?

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