Everything you need to know about renting wedding dresses

If you are evaluating the option of renting your wedding dress, this interests you. We tell you everything you need to take into account, from the rental process to the most common price ranges.

All the decisions of the wedding are important, but perhaps the one in which more doubts arise is in the choice of the wedding dress. We want it to be perfect, the most beautiful, the one that best feels us … This responsibility is due to the fact that it will be unique. And a special design that we carry on our most important day, and for the great outlay of money that it entails. Therefore, many brides consider the option of renting the dress for a lower price and return it after the wedding.

At the end of the day, it’s a dress that, surely, you’ll never wear again. If you are in doubt about whether to rent or buy the dress, we tell you everything you need to know about the rent of the wedding dresses, so that you yourself decide which is the best option for you and your wedding

First of all, you should know that there are two types of rentals. On the one hand, there is the first-time rental, which assures you that you will be the first bride to wear that dress, no one has ever worn it before. And it will be rented once your wedding has passed and you have already lucid; The second way to rent is one in which you can choose a dress that other women have already worn at their wedding. Which has already been released, either once or several times.

This type of rent will be the cheapest. Also, in this second option, the store will give you the possibility to reserve it from that moment until the day of your wedding and that no one can access your rent in the meantime, or that other brides can rent it until the day of your wedding. That is your decision. However, the store that you rent the dress will be compromised, choose the option you choose. To the day of delivery, the dress is ready and in perfect condition.

Rent the full bridal look

In the dress rental shops, you can find all kinds of models and styles, mostly from other seasons. As for the firms, normally, they have a great variety that will also vary in price depending on them. The most recognized will have the highest prices, which will be from international designers.

This type of stores will also offer you the necessary accessories to complete the look: veil, shoes, headdress. And they will make whatever adjustments are necessary so that the dress feels like a glove. The services they offer are as complete as in a sales store. With the difference, simply, that the products are not sold but rented.

It is recommended rent the dress with three or four months in advance. To make sure that the model you want is available on your date and the possible adjustments that have to be made.

In the test of the dress, talk to the specialized staff, consult with them all your doubts, try on the dress along with the accessories and lingerie that you are going to wear on the big day, sit down, get up, move, dance and make sure you feel comfortable. That is the most important!

How much is it worth to rent a wedding dress?

Prices are between 300 and 1000 $. The factors that influence the price depend on the type of dress, the signature of it. The season in which it was designed, the accessories you choose and the type of rental you make. You will also have to cover a deposit in case the dress suffers any damage.

Normally, the stores give you the possibility of paying insurance so that you do not have to be aware on the day of the wedding of the damages that the design may suffer. Of course, check everything that covers the insurance to not take surprises later.

When you are sure of everything you want to rent, you will have to formalize the reservation through a contract in which all the conditions will be exposed. Read it calmly and make sure everything is correct and that you agree with each of the points. In it, you must find the items you rent, the prices of each rental, the deposit deposited. The deposit, the day of collection and delivery, the conditions in which you take it. And in which you have to return it, and the insurance that you have taken if you have done it.

How about? Renting the dress is one of the best options if you have a low budget at your wedding and want to allocate more spending to other items. You already know everything you need to consider to rent, go ahead!


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