Trends in bridal hairstyles 2019

Commonly when we talk about hairstyle for the wedding the image that comes to mind is, as with the wedding dress, an elaborate style, with collected hair and accessories that move away from the image you project in day today , but the trends for 2019 in bridal hairstyles, show us the opposite and have taken naturalness as a source of inspiration.

The loose hair, the natural waves, and the “careless” ones have taken over the catwalks, offering us an uncomplicated and current bride that shows off her spontaneity when it comes to exchanging the phrases of love in her nuptial vows. Do you prefer the most careful and formal hairstyles? we also show you what arrives in 2019 for a more conservative air.

Loose hair

Definitely, the common denominator of the specialized catwalks in 2019, are hairstyles for loose or semi-collected hair with slightly marked waves, fresh looking and with movement. Although it is a little more careful than the one used on a day-to-day basis, the stylists want to bet on a hairstyle that truly reflects the personality. The differential is presented in more care hair, hydrated look, and accessories such as silver buckles and bright or flowers.

Picked up with destroying the effect

In the same vein, if you prefer to wear your hair, relaxed hairstyles with locks that stand out and not so smooth are your choice. The braids and side ribbons with ‘careless’ appearance, and the easily collected hairstyles in which some hair are intentionally disordered are the suggestions of the stylists for this year. Although most have been seen in the parades without any accessories such as headdresses or buckles, you can include gauze ribbons or natural flowers.

Retro trend: stripe to the middle or side and hair ‘folk’

Returning a bit to the inspiration of the sixties and seventies, bridal styling brings us again a proposal of hairstyles with a stripe in the middle, in which the hair is worn on both sides of the face either leaving it loose, with two Thin braids at the sides, high tails or picking it back in low bow . This type of hairstyle helps build a young image and naive air that is very good if you decided on a retro marriage that has a vintage wedding decoration. You can complement it with wreaths of natural flowers or delicate foliage.


For its part, the second trend, called ‘folk hair’, is a success for those who have curly hair and volume in a natural way, because they choose to wear it loose in layers and with some capul.

Traditional and formal

The proposal also offers more elaborate collections for those who want to look sophisticated, formal and veiled. Elegant hairstyles, in which a high bun is worn with perfectly tied hair wrapped in a braid or with loops adjusted by means of hooks. For this season, in some cases, no pins, combs or tiaras are dispensed so that its structure can be appreciated.

St. Patrick

Within the line of hairstyles fully collected, there may be a variation in which the hair is split in half and small strands are dropped on the face, without subtracting elegance. You can detach the veil from the bottom of the bun or fix it to a tiara that surrounds the head.

Change of look

If you want to walk to the altar with a different look that surprises everyone, the proposals are the cuts to the chin type bob with straight and dense capul, combed in natural waves. This cut is very flattering for faces with an oval or triangular shape.

If you want a less flashy renovation, decide on a hair contouring, in which your face is framed with a set of colors lighter than the natural tone to give more delicacy to the facial features. Our recommendation is always that you advise a stylish and perform tests in advance.

Hairstyles ‘mixture’

The designers of the wedding bridal show us the possibility of combining styles of hairstyle. Like the one of making a semirrecogido in which the first part of the hair is made a very high bun, which gives an elegant appearance and the rest of the hair with wavy effect is dropped on the back. Creating a semi-informal and at the same time sophisticated air.

You must bear in mind that the choice of your hair should be consistent with the dress you chose and the spirit you want to print to the celebration from the marriage decoration. You can explore our catalog, get inspired and find not only the accessories for your bridal styling but all the ideas you need to plan the wedding as the marriage cards, until the final touch


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