Decoration of Mediterranean weddings

Mediterranean wedding decoration: beautiful and simple ideas to decorate your wedding with Mediterranean essence.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about Mediterranean weddings. The concept of a Mediterranean wedding follows the style of evoking as much as possible to nature through decoration. Something like: decoration with olive trees, feeling of the sea, the warmth of the sun … That’s the idea. Get the decoration to move you to something cozy and “tasty”.

We are going to leave you some ideas when decorating the wedding that will transmit that Mediterranean essence. It is quite simple, you just have to know how to use the right elements.

  1. Olive leaves

It is the main element in the decoration of Mediterranean weddings. The main theme of the wedding can be the olive tree and can be used decorating many spaces: from the bridal bouquet to the tables – through centerpieces – and even decorating the backrest of the seats of the chairs (for example, from the chairs of the couple or of the chairs that are at the ends / headers). In this sense we let your imagination flow.

  1. Lemons

The yellow tones are perfect: oil, lemons … Decorating a centerpiece combining the branches of the olive with lemons can be a success. We do not recommend mixing many more tones. What’s more, if you do not want to put a yellow tone, our suggestion is that you let the greenish tone of the olive tree speak for itself, with nothing else.

  1. White and blue tones White

is perfect for any occasion due to the elegance it transmits. But in this case, because it also transmits freshness, even a breeze. What we recommend are white tablecloths, long and smooth. Without anything else. Combined with dishes that have a blue and white mosaic, for example. Although if you prefer you can be whites in their entirety, gray or a very light greenish tone.

  1. Slates and wooden boxes

In the case of wanting to use different decorative elements what we recommend are the wooden boxes and the slates. With wooden boxes, you can play with spaces and volumes and create interesting corners. And with the whiteboards to communicate what is needed: the place where the guests must sit or the numbers of the tables, for example.


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