Hello everyone,

The preparation of our wedding takes us excited (and sometimes with nerves to the surface) for months! The dress, the bouquet, the details, the photographer, the decoration and much more. And I ask myself, for whom do we try so hard? Do we want a dream wedding for us or for our guests?

Well, in my case I wanted both! For more than 18 months I have been organizing the wedding of my dreams and in no time have I forgotten my guests. For me it was super mega important that my guests remember my day .. And I have achieved (or so I think hehe). For us it has been a wonderful day and our guests still talk about our wedding (olé nosotros).

Do you know what is going to be left of this great day? The photo report, the memories and the messages that your guests leave you (well in my case also a trunk full of costumes that we have used for our photocall ). And now you will be thinking, what is all this about? Well, I want to convince you to put a signature book!

The words are carried by the wind but with a signature book those words you take home with you . They are a memory for a lifetime and give your guests the opportunity to leave a message of congratulations in a personal way.

Well, I’ve convinced you already, right? Well, to the point, I’m bored with traditional signature books so today I bring you ideas to do it in an original way !!! With these ideas your book does not disappear between the end of the year books and Twilight. No no no, you will be encouraged to give them a privileged place inside your house as an element of decoration and remember as you deserve!

On a guitar, or some vinyl records. If you like music, you will love having this kind of memory decorating some special place.

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