Beautiful places to marry in Gloucestershire

There is no doubt that having your wedding in Gloucestershire offers unparalleled scenic beauty. The county boasts stunning rural and countryside locations, from the grandeur of the Cotswolds to the magical enchantment of the Royal Forest of Dean. Luckily, there are many gorgeous venues to choose from, with the county having some of the finest country houses and castles available for events. Here are some handy tips for deciding which venue is the right for you and your guests:

  • If you’re planning a church ceremony with a reception at a different location then find out how far the church is from the reception venue. Will your wedding party be able to walk to the next location or will transport need to be arranged? Planning a lovely amble in the Gloucestershire countryside is a noble idea but what if the weather is against you?

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  • Budget is always going to play a big part and it’s not fun or exciting but deserves a mention. Speak to every venue you’re interested in thoroughly and try to conclude whether the package offers you real value for money. Draw up a comparison chart or start a spreadsheet if it helps you to keep track of what’s part of any package and the costs involved. Make sure when you are planning your venue to include a conservatory as this will offer a huge view for pictures with your family.  If they don’t have one maybe suggest a Conservatories Gloucester from sites including
  • Think about choosing your colour theme after you’ve picked a venue to ensure the two blend well together for photographs etc. If you have your heart set on a theme or colour then make sure your chosen venue fits in well with this idea.Make sure you choose a venue that suits your personality. Do you want someone young and trendy or historical and classy? How do the staff reflect the feel of the venue? Would you prefer relaxed and laid back or silver service?

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  • Book a night at a few different venues if you can to really get a feel for the place and the package you’ll be choosing. Many venues will also offer you a taster meal of what you plan to order for your reception meals on the day itself.
  • Spend some time looking at online photos from local photographer’s portfolios as many of these will have shots of other weddings at the venues you’re interested in. You’ll be able to see how photogenic the location is, what style of weddings take place there and you might even pick up some ideas for photographs you want taken on the big day.
  • Size matters too as you don’t want to book a huge venue and have guests rattling around inside. Equally, you don’t want to go too small and feel like sardines in a can! If you only have a small guest list then a large, dramatic venue might swallow you up and over a hundred-people descending on a tiny village hall will lead to chaotic scenes in the photos too. Any venues that you speak to should be able to give you advice as to what party size works best in their location or facilities.

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