Brides from Different States Of India Choose Different Wedding Sarees

Indian brides can choose from a huge spectrum of wedding sarees to make their special day a truly memorable one.  Indian bridal wear comes in diverse designs and fabrics. India is a land of cultural diversity. Every state of India flaunts its unique bridal sari. Today the modern Indian woman is not used to wearing saris on a regular basis. She wears saris only on very special occasions such as weddings and festivals. The new generation prefers the exotic designer sarees that come in amazing designs and mind-blowing colors. Today you not only have an easy access to anarkali suits online, you could easily buy an exclusive wedding sari from a fabulous collection of designer bridal wear online.

Brides today prefer the rich and gorgeous traditional saris from various states of India, but these sarees are given a new and unique look by creative Indian sari designers. All traditional saris come with a twist today to entice the new generation brides. Zardosi work and gota lace work are done on traditional Indian saris to make them look different from the usual ones and give them a contemporary look. These rich traditional saris become even more stunning and gorgeous when contemporary designers add their touch of creativity and an element of elegance. The highly talented fashion designers can make any traditional sari look like an authentic bridal saree. Here are some of the most popular and hot favorite traditional bridal sarees worn by the quintessential Indian bride.

Banarasi Sari

A Banarasi saree is the most common bridal sari for brides from Bengal. This sari has its origin in the holy city of Varanasi or Kashi. The core silk material is from Banaras, while the golden or zari work on the sari is done by expert weavers in Bengal. Today everyone is looking for something different and exotic. Designers are coming up with really amazing new twists to the traditional Banarasi saris to make them more appealing to the new generation of Indian brides. Zardosi work and kundan work is done on traditional Banarasi sarees to make them more attractive and distinctive.

Kanjeevaram Sarees

The Kanjeevaram saris are the pride of every South-Indian bride. They come in rich textures, elaborate gold temple borders and with intricate gold motifs on the pallu. They are glamorous yet elegant and just right as wedding attire. Designers today have tried to make these saris even more attractive and wearable. Brocade Kanjeevarams are very much in. These are relatively lighter and easier to manage for the young and modern bride. Even the zari used has less of gold content to make these unique saris more affordable. Modern designs are being tried by designers to attract the contemporary Indian women. Kanjeevaram saris were known for their bright and vibrant colors, but today designers are coming up with pastel shades to attract the young and modern brides.

Muga Silk Saree

The Assamese brides usually wear a beautiful white Muga silk saree with distinctive red borders. Muga silk sarees from Assam come in exquisite designs and in some of the finest silks. The fabric is actually hand woven that too in traditional Muga looms. Assamese pure Muga silks are every woman’s pride. Muga silks are treasured as they are of the finest quality and today designers are reviving Muga silks in a big way.

Zardosi Saris

Zardosi work sarees are currently in vogue. They are truly in demand and most designers are coming up with mind-blowing zardosi work wedding sarees for the contemporary Indian brides.  Zardosi work can be done on rich silks, chiffons and net as well. These are worn mostly by north-Indian brides.

Paithani Silk Sarees

Paithani silks come from Aurangabad and are easily some of the most exotic and expensive sarees available in India. The Maharashtrian bride usually steals the show by wearing a rich Paithani saree with exquisite thread work in real gold.

Gota Saree

Gota sarees are usually worn by Rajasthani brides. Gota is a type of lace that is actually attached to the hem and pallu of the saree. These are usually exquisite creations of designers and these sarees look really pompous and extravagant.

Pattu Saree

Pattu saree is the traditional bridal wear in Kerala. It is an elegant saree that comes in gold and white combination. This saree is very popular among Keralite Christian brides. Pattu actually implies red dots that appear in an exclusive pattern. These gold-bordered rich saris flaunt dots all over the off-white background.

Designer Sarees: Choice of the New Generation Globally

Light-weight exquisite designer sarees are in great demand by brides across all the Indian states and among Non-Resident Indians across the world. Designer sarees come in soft manageable fabrics including net, chiffon, crepe, georgette, and soft silks that really drape well to give you a truly ravishing look.

These days designer lehenga sarees come in rich textures and amazing patterns and are considered just right as bridal wear. These lehenga sarees are very much in vogue and look really contemporary. From glowing golden to the really vibrant and rich reds there is an exclusive lehenga saree in store that would suit every bride and make her wedding day a memorable one.

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