Why upgrade your engagement ring?

How well do you recall the day or moment you got engaged? Is it a wonderful memory or a bit of a blur? No matter whether it was five years or thirty years ago, life will have changed a lot since that moment. You might have moved home many times, got different jobs, had children but you’re still together through it all.

Most people think an engagement ring has to be forever but if you consider how your lives have changed and your love grown, why wouldn’t your ring evolve too? There’s no reason not to update your ring and many reasons why you might want to:

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Your budget has changed

A lot of couples get engaged when they’re young and their finances are less than stable. This often means the choice of ring is limited to what can be afforded at the time. If your budgets have grown over the years, you might decide it is time to upgrade to the ring you always dreamed of.

Out of fashion

We all know that fashions come and go, and this applies to jewellery too. Just because your ring was on trend when it was purchased, doesn’t mean it fits with your style now. You love your ring but there’s no harm in updating it with the times. Perhaps it’s too plain or the cut of the stone is outdated. You might prefer to go all out with stunning Halo Cluster Diamond Engagement Rings.

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Your style has changed

As we mature, our tastes change, and we can all admit to having once owned clothes that we wouldn’t be seen dead in now. We’ve all had hairstyles that we would never sport again. The same could apply to your engagement ring. What you liked years ago might not fit your style anymore. Perhaps a new style has caught your eye or the ring you chose years ago was a trendy style that has long since gone out of favour. This is nothing to be ashamed of and there’s no reason to be stuck with a ring that no longer suits your style or personality.

Here are some popular occasions to make that upgrade:

An anniversary – combine it with an anniversary trip to a beautiful location, perhaps staying in one of the Kas Villas that you can find in the stunning country of Turkey.

A milestone anniversary – hold a party for family and friends to attend.

A milestone birthday

Birth of a child – this is sometimes known as a “push gift”.

Renewing your wedding vows

How to upgrade your ring:

You could choose to upgrade a solitaire ring to a ring with 3 stones for example. If your engagement ring started out as a single diamond, this is a natural step to take and will give the ring tons more sparkle.

Perhaps you would like to add smaller stones on each side the solitaire diamond to represent the children you’ve since had together. This provides great balance, keeps the focus on the larger stone but adds a touch of elegance.

The beauty of a 3-stone diamond is that it can also stand for the past, present and future together as a couple, making it the ideal anniversary gift.

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